THANK YOU for your contribution to thousands of lives being saved, healed and delivered. In 2015 God gave me a dream whilst in Russia.

“You have to tell Pastors to give their congregations the opportunity to sow into the glory”

At first, the thought for me was daunting. But I know the fruit in my own life when God has asked me to sow into other ministries. It became clear that we rob people of a blessing when they are not given an opportunity to bless. By sowing into I AM BW, you do not only become a spiritual beneficiary, but you are sowing into the Kingdom!


Options for sowing:

Beautiful Witness Ministries N.P.C.
First National Bank
Business Cheque Account Number: 62758823423
Tygervalley Branch: 220323
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Please feel free if you need to contact us for more information.

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